Fleet Service & Repair

Modern Auto Service offers preventative maintenance and prompt repairs to keep your fleet running efficiently, minimize downtime, and maximize customer satisfaction, all while saving you time and money.

Whether you run a trucking company, plumbing company, landscaping company, or any other type of business, your fleet of vehicles is instrumental to your business’ ability to earn revenue and turn a profit. And if one of your vehicles goes down, it can cause problems:

You can reduce the likelihood of unplanned vehicle outages with preventative fleet maintenance and prompt fleet repairs. As the leading fleet service center in Fruitland, ID, our technicians work on conventional gas vehicles, light-duty diesel vehicles, and more.

What is a Fleet Vehicle?

Fleet vehicles are owned or operated by an organization or company as part of their vehicle fleet. These vehicles are typically used for business purposes and are managed collectively to serve the organization’s needs.

Depending on the nature of the business, They can include various types of vehicles, such as cars, vans, trucks, or specialized vehicles. They are often used for tasks like transporting goods, services, and employees or for specific industry-related activities. 

Preventative & Factory-Recommended Maintenance for Fleet Vehicles in Fruitland, ID

Modern Auto Service offers maintenance services to reduce the costs and hassle associated with unplanned emergency repairs. In addition, our fleet maintenance programs can help extend the life of your vehicles. When you visit our shop, we can help you create a custom maintenance schedule for every vehicle in your fleet.

Our custom preventative maintenance schedule will include the manufacturer’s suggested services and additional solutions based on how you use the vehicles. For example, if you are a construction company or landscaping company that tows heavy equipment, you should service your fleet vehicles more often based on the severe maintenance schedule.

Some of the most common fleet maintenance services we provide include:

Fleet Repair Services in Fruitland, ID

Even when you have maintenance done as the vehicle’s manufacturer suggests, every vehicle will eventually need repair. Your fleet vehicles are no different. Don’t fret—the experts at Modern Auto Service have you covered.

Our ASE-certified technicians utilize the latest equipment to perform diagnostics and repairs to keep things under control.

We regularly partner with business owners to provide services like:

Keep Your Fleet Running Smoothly with the Help

of Modern Auto Service

No matter the size of your fleet, Modern Auto Service is your one-stop shop for all your fleet repair and maintenance needs. Our fleet services will help you save time and money so that you can meet your clients’ needs. Best of all, we stand behind all eligible repairs with an industry-leading 48-month/48,000-mile warranty.

Contact Modern Auto Service today at (208) 452-2886. Our full-service auto repair shop is located at 1225 S Pennsylvania Ave., Fruitland, ID 83619.