Dealership-Quality Oil Change Service

Don’t settle for anything less than the best for your engine—get a dealership-quality synthetic oil change today at Modern Auto Service.

Each time you start your vehicle, around 2,000 metal parts are activated to get you in motion. These various moving parts create massive amounts of heat and friction. And your motor oil is one of the vital fluids that protects your engine and prevents it from destroying itself.

Because of this, it’s imperative to regularly change your oil according to the intervals set forth by the vehicle’s manufacturer. While an oil change is a simple service, failing to have this preventative maintenance service can cause permanent damage and lead to engine failure.

Modern Auto Service offers synthetic oil changes in Fruitland, ID and nearby areas. We only use the best and highest-quality fluids to provide you with the highest level of protection. You can rest assured your oil change has been performed to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Why Is Engine Oil So Important?

Oil performs several functions to protect your engine, extend its life, and bolster performance. These roles include:

Get the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Fruitland, ID

If you’re looking for an oil change, your best option is to use premium-quality synthetic oil and high-quality filters. However, many quick lube oil change shops use cheaper, inferior fluids to keep costs low, which can do more harm than good.

Using cheaper fluids can void your warranty because it goes against what the manufacturer suggests. These cheap fluids lack the ability to adequately protect your engine and perform the roles required of motor oil.

At the same time, most quick lube shops hire inexperienced technicians who lack proper training and expertise. Considering the importance of your vehicle, you should never allow an inexperienced technician to perform any service.

At Modern Auto Service, our technicians are ASE-certified and demonstrate the ability to perform every service your vehicle requires. Thus, we only use premium synthetic oils that are either at the level or better than the manufacturer suggests. This way, you can have a dealership-quality oil change based on the manufacturer’s specifications for less.

During the oil change, we will drain the old oil and replace it with fresh synthetic oil. In addition, we will perform other services, like oil filter replacement and a full inspection of your vehicle.

Give Your Engine the Best: Book Your

Synthetic Oil Change Now in Fruitland, ID

Considering the importance of an oil change to your vehicle, it’s vital to use the right oil and have it done by experienced technicians. In short, you shouldn’t settle for a subpar oil change! Modern Auto Service offers dealership-quality synthetic oil changes and services in Fruitland, ID and nearby areas.

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