Transmission Service & Repair

Ensure the smooth operation of your vehicle with proactive transmission service and timely repairs. Modern Auto Service in Fruitland, ID offers comprehensive maintenance and repair for all types of transmissions.

While the engine generates power, it’s the transmission that transmits this power to your wheels. It also ensures each wheel has the right power to drive at a particular speed. It seamlessly shifts gears to maximize performance and fuel economy.

If your transmission malfunctions, you may not be able to move at all. Because of this, it’s imperative to have proactive transmission service and timely transmission repair whenever required.

At Modern Auto Service, we work on all types of transmissions, including manual, automatic, CVT, dual-clutch, and semi-automatic. So, no matter your vehicle’s transmission, the Modern Auto Service team in Fruitland, ID can repair and service it.

Types of Transmissions

Transmission types may vary depending on the vehicle’s make, model, and market. Here are some examples:

Our Transmission Repair & Maintenance Services in Fruitland, ID

Our transmission repair and service encompass various procedures to ensure your transmission system’s proper functioning, longevity, and reliability. Some common transmission tasks that we do include:

Only qualified technicians with experience and expertise should perform your transmission’s repair and servicing. Regular maintenance and addressing any transmission issues promptly can help avoid costly repairs and ensure the smooth operation of your vehicle.

How Do I Know I Need Transmission Service or Repair

As with most parts of your vehicle, your transmission may offer distinct signs and warning indicators when it needs repair. Some of the most common warning signs that you need transmission service are:

If your transmission displays any of these signs, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. When promptly addressed, the mechanic at Modern Auto Service can quickly repair the problem. However, if you ignore these signs, a small transmission service can quickly snowball into an exponentially more expensive repair.

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Transmission Service & Repairs in Fruitland, ID

At Modern Auto Service in Fruitland, ID, we are proud to stand behind our work with an industry-leading 4-year/48,000-mile warranty. Our technicians are ASE-Certified and hold several other industry-leading certifications. Simply put, we stand behind the output of our work because we know the attention to detail we put in.

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