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Is Synthetic Oil Really Better?

Regular oil changes are key to protecting both your vehicle and your wallet. Motor oil, also known as engine oil or lubricant, serves crucial functions by reducing friction, cooling, cleaning, and performing various vital tasks. To enhance its effectiveness, motor oil is enriched with specialized nutrients, additives, and detergents.
Over time, motor oil naturally degrades, necessitating oil changes. While an oil change is a routine maintenance service, not all oil changes are created equal. Generally, opting for a synthetic motor oil change significantly benefits your vehicle. Let’s delve into why Modern Auto Service typically recommends synthetic motor oil changes for drivers in Fruitland, ID.

What Is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is a man-made lubricant composed of artificially manufactured chemical compounds. These synthetic compounds are created by breaking down and then rebuilding petroleum molecules. When examined under a microscope, synthetic oil reveals millions of molecules with nearly identical structures and sizes. In contrast, conventional or mineral oil is produced using refined crude oil, exhibiting millions of molecules with diverse structures, sizes, and shapes. Synthetic oils fall into two main categories:

  1. Full synthetic oils utilize a base synthetic stock and are engineered molecule by molecule. Full synthetic oils use no petroleum and feature additives designed to help with the degradation of motor oil.
  2. Synthetic blend oil is a mix of synthetic base stocks and conventional motor oil. The use of synthetic base stock offers you more protection than conventional oil alone.

Is the Synthetic Oil Change Better for Your Vehicle?

In most cases, vehicles would derive greater benefits from a synthetic oil change. Thanks to the unique molecular structure of synthetic oils, they offer numerous advantages over conventional motor oil. One of the most prominent benefits of opting for a synthetic oil change is the extended intervals between oil changes. This shift is a significant reason why manufacturers transitioned from recommending an oil change every 3,000 miles to extending it to every 5,000 miles.

Conventional oil breaks down quicker and loses its viscosity faster than synthetic oil. At the same time, synthetic oil performs better over a wider range of temperatures. For example, synthetic oil boasts better-flowing ability in colder temperatures, which can reduce engine wear during frigid startups. Other benefits of synthetic oil include:

  • Reduced emissions
  • Improved engine protection
  • Better oil and fuel economy
  • Lower engine drag and improved thickening resistance
  • Reduced wear and tear

Should I Choose a Synthetic Oil Change?

At Modern Auto Service in Fruitland ID, we typically suggest a synthetic oil change over conventional. However, there are instances when synthetic oil’s resistance to breakdown can help bolster the life of your engine.

  • You live in an area with extreme temperatures. Winters can get extremely cold in Fruitland ID, which makes synthetic oils a viable option because it helps protect your engine from strain and resists breaking down as quickly as conventional oil. 
  • You haul or tow heavy materials. Synthetic oil can offer added protection for your engine, which makes it a viable option for those towing heavy loads. 

You have an older engine. Older engines tend to experience sludge buildup as conventional oil breaks down. Sludge buildup can block oil passages, increase wear and tear, and ultimately lead to engine failure. However, synthetic oil is less likely to develop sludge.

Contact Modern Auto Service in Fruitland ID for Conventional and Synthetic Oil Changes

Unless you drive an electric vehicle, it’s vital to have regular oil changes at the manufacturer’s suggested intervals. Failure to do so can result in the voiding of your warranty. But when you use synthetic oil, you can prolong the life of the oil and require fewer changes. As a bonus, synthetic oil offers unique environmental benefits.
In either case, Modern Auto Service can help you understand your options, consider the pros and cons, and choose the best type of oil change. We are proud to provide oil changes and repairs for virtually all makes and models. Contact Modern Auto Service in Fruitland ID today!

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